Live Your Moment

Our photographers will do the rest.

Quick. Easy. Simple.

Just open the app, see which photographers are on duty and be queued up to get your photo taken!


No more selfies, selfie sticks or opting out of your photo!

Elsiepic is an on demand location based photography app that makes getting your picture taken anywhere, anytime, easy.


Getting Started

Use your professional camera or phone camera!


If you are looking to make money anytime, anywhere, sign up to be a photographer on the app! In just minutes you can be making money doing what you love!


Why selfie when you can Elsie?

Elsiepic is perfect :

  • Capture a once in a lifetime trip
  • Get a shot for your next instagram post
  • Get a special photo for your next postcard or Facebook post

Instant Gratification

For a small sitting fee we will snap some pictures which will be digitally transferred to your phone instantly!


And the best part! One picture is on the house!


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